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Here's what some of our customers say about Caveman Hand Rolled Cigars
Enjoying my first Caveman Cigar Co. stick. For some reason, I feel like going out and inventing something. Like a wheel.

Picked a Toro Maduro. Nice clean wrapper, excellent blend...hints of cocoa and nutmeg makes it milder than most maduros. Consistent burn, and firm ash. A great cigar. Cigar maker Bruce "Caveman" Margolis got this one right! 

Bruce Rosenblat
Author & Motivational Speaker
West Bloomfield, MI 
Caveman Cigars are by far one of my all time favorite cigar experiences. They burn consistent from start to finish without the harsh taste at the back third you tend to get with most cigars. I will definitely be ordering another box in the very near future!

Doug Lee
Portland, Oregon
A great smoke! Well rolled.  I've enjoyed a variety of flavors, all outstanding. All in all, fantastic cigars which I would recommend to anyone.
Shawn Politsch
Brenham, Texas
Share your cigar experience with the Caveman
A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you've smoked it.
We want to hear about your Caveman Cigar experience.

I recently smoked three of your Connecticut wrapper hand rolled cigars and I
have to say they were excellent. Over the years, I have smoked many hand
rolled cigars from various vendors from Key West, New Orleans and Ybor City
(Little Cuba in the Tampa area). I think your cigars are absolutely equal
in consistency of "old school" Cuban rolled cigars and I found the flavor to
be equally delightful. They were not rolled too tightly nor were they have
soft voids as I have experienced occasionally in some hand rolled cigars. I
would certainly recommend these to anyone who enjoys a fine cigar.

A freshly wrapped Habano Robusto ready for final cutting and then it'll be b ready to be enjoyed. 
Caveman & Texas legend, author, and musician Kinky Friedman enjoying Caveman Cigars in Kenney, Texas.
"Got a message from the person I bought the box of cigars for and he said they were wonderful, very smooth!"
Roseann G., Livonia, Michigan
 My husband absolutely LOVES them! I will be ordering for the holidays!
Veronica Strulovich, Houston, Texas