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Robusto Cigars 5.5" X 52
Available in Conneticut, Habano, Sumatra, or Maduro Tobacco 100% Leaf Wrappers. Our wrapper, filler and binder leaf is perfectly aged, humidity control and arrives weekly from the best cigar tobacco growers from around the world.

CAVEMAN CIGAR COMPANY Products and Pricing

PLEASE NOTE: Because our Internet provider does not permit the sale of
tobacco products through our service, orders should be emailed or called into us.
We take pride in our wide selection of 46 hand-rolled cigars, cigarillos, hand cut pipe tobacco and smoking accessories. All of the accessories we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within a short period of time. As our cigars are individually hand rolled, shipment time may vary due to the time it takes to make the cigars and receive the tobacco.

​We offer box discounts:
1-3 boxes 10% off     4-10 boxes 15% off       11 + boxes 20% off plus free shipping.

Want a custom cigar label with a specific name, logo, etc., no problem!
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solution for you.
Corona Cigars
Churchill Cigars 7.0"X52
Available in Conneticut, Habano, Sumatran, or Maduro Wrapper. Our wrapper, filler and binder leaf is perfectly aged, humidity control and arrives weekly from the best cigar tobacco growers from around the world.

Available in Conneticut, Habano, Sumatran, or Maduro Wrapper. Our wrapper, filler and binder leaf is perfectly aged, humidity control and arrives weekly from the best cigar tobacco growers from around the world.
- Bourbon Churchills
Infused, and injected with the perfect amount of Texas made Bone Distillery Bourbon.  Our best
selling flavored cigar

-  Irish Red Robusto 
 A wonderful medium/mild cigar  with a slight hint of spice, but never hash or peppery. Blended with premium Nicaraguan filler, Honduran binder, and Nicaraguan Rosato Red Leaf Wrapper, 6.0" X 52 Ring

- Twisted Caveman Barber Pole 
 Double wrapper or "barber pole" combines a superb Connecticut Shade with a dark San Andres maduro wrapper. Cuban seeded binder and fillers from Dominican Republic make this a smooth, flavorful cigar. Available in 4 sizes Corona 6.75" X 45  $Robusto 5.5" X 50  Torpedo 6.5"X 52
Gordo 6.0" X60

- No Label Mocha Vanilla Churchill
Our Label Cigar incorporates the finest tobaccos available with natural Mocha and Vanilla flavors. We use only the choicest blend of Cuban seed, Dominican grown filler, a Dominican binder, and a silky, Connecticut shade wrapper that is second to none. This cigar looks as great as it tastes. Highly recommended, 
7.0" X 52

- Caveman Mocha Robusto
A smooth buttery mocha flavored refreshing smoke. Incredible natural flavor, with a Sumatran wrapper, and wonderful Dominican Binder and Filler leaf.
5.5" X 52

- Caveman Tobacco Jack 
Made using a premium blend of Cuban seed, Dominican grown filler, Dominican binder and incredibly smooth filler leaf. Our smoothest, lightest and most popular cigars. Available as;
Robusto 5.5" X 52
Churchill 7.0"X52

Specialty Cigars

Caveman Specialty Cigars are available in different sizes, styles, blends, wrappers, natural flavors, made from the finest premium 100% cigar tobacco wrapper, filler, and binder leaf from around the world.
To order cigars from Caveman Cigar Company all you need to do is email your order using the "Request Information" box below. Be sure to include your telephone number so we can contact you for payment information.

Caveman Cigar Company has an amazing variety of cigarillos. Flavors include:
Natural, Vanilla, Apple Pie, Hazelnut, Cherry, Rum, Hazelnut, Bourbon, Cinnamon, Mocha, and Chocolate. Cigarillos are priced at $8.00 for a fresh rolled pack of five. If you would like us to make a special flavor just for you, call and let's see what we can do!

We hand-cut aromatic Pipe Tobacco at our facility. 
- Available in unique blends -
 Signature Series, with the natural hazelnut and vanilla, with spiced rum
 Caveman Apple Pie, flavored with Apple Moonshine, fresh apples 
    and real cinnamon sticks, with a true apple pie aroma.
 Caveman Cherry Spice, flavored with natural cherry extract and spiced           rum, very aromatic and light smoking experience. Incredibly refreshing.
 Orange Vanilla, made with real zested orange peel, natural vanilla extract,       and a blend of wonderful tobacco leaf. Imagine the flavor of a creamsicle         and that's what you'll experience it in this unique pipe tobacco blend. 
​Also available:
 Caveman Longbottom Pipeweed,  Bone Bourbon,  Smoked Whiskey, Pumpkin Spice,  Holiday Blend,  Chocolate,  Vanilla,  Kahlua,
  Irish Blend, Creme Brulee, Lemon Meringue Pie, Root Beer, Banana Split, Cognac, Mojito, and Amaretto.

Sold by volume, a large pouch sells for $14.00

NEW: Sample Pack $25.00.
 This is a good mixture of most of our blends.
Available in Conneticut,or Sumatran, these cigars are long, lean, and mild. They are molded in an original circa 1860's cigar press.
1880 Eastwood Cheroots 6.25" X 36 

Sweet Merlin Robusto
Cuban seed, Dominican Grown Habano wrapper, naturally sweetened, with Dominican and Honduran filler and Nicaraguan binder. Smooth, medium, with subtle sweetness.
If you're interested in custom made private label cigars, we can make the for you. There's a one time only $25 artwork set-up charge for 25 cigars (one box) or more.
Are you looking for unique and amazing gift for a friend, business associate, or
even yourself?

Try a Caveman Cigar Variety 10 Pack. The pack includes 10 of our most popular flavors and sizes for only $135.00
Presidio Cigar 4.5" X 50
Available in Conneticut,or Sumatran, these classic Torpedo cigars are full bodied, medium tasting smoking heaven.
Available in Conneticut, Habano, Sumatran, or Maduro Wrapper. Our wrapper, filler and binder leaf is perfectly aged, humidity control and arrives weekly from the best cigar tobacco growers from around the world.

Gordo Cigars 6.0"X60
Caveman Signature Series
Our Signature Cigars go above and beyond any Cuban or high end cigar we’ve ever compared it too. Made from the perfect blend of Seco and Ligero tobaccos, and especially hand-picked Sumatra Wrappers. We spend approximately one third longer on the hand bunching, binding, and wrapping processes, as well as very specific timed pressing, turning, and pressing, prior to final wrap. Each Signature Series Cigar is wrapped with a red ribbon to differentiate it as the pride of our complete selection of the world’s best hand-rolled premium cigars.
Cigarillos and Hand Cut
 Pipe Tobaccos
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Caveman Cigars & Cigarillos
are available at:

Brenham, Texas
At The Texas Renaissance Festival
Magnolia, Texas
At The Sherwood Forest Faire
McDade, Texas

Market & Biergarten
307 So. Park St. Brenham, TX

​314 South 24th Street
Kingsville, Texas 78363

105 N. Live Oak
Round Top, Texas 78954

26510 Border Street
Spring, Texas 77373
Stubby Caveman
Short and Fat! Made using the finest long leaf tobacco available today.This cigar is absolutely the smoothest cigar, with exceptional flavor and no bittery/acidy after taste. Wonderful Habano wrap.
4.25" X 60to add text.
Four Generations Petite Corona
A wonderful tribute cigar to the four generations of our family's cigar smokers. Perfect for when you're looking for a quality medium blend cigar with a Indonesian aged wrapper, and you don't have an hour+ to smoke a larger cigar.
4.25add text.
Boxed In Long Smoke Maduro
The "Boxed In" cigar contains the same organic aged leaf as our other fine Maduro blends for pure enjoyment. This great boxed pressed stick is 7" long and offers approximately 3 hours of smoking pleasure.
4.25"d text.
Dark Invader Oscuro Maduro
If you love a bold, smooth, dark Peruvian Oscuro wrapped premium cigar, our Dark Invader is a perfect 5.5" X 54 smoke.
4.25 add text.
Not Your Mama's Java
If you enjoy a java cigar, you'll love the Caveman's Not Your Mama's Java. Like everything we make, it contains premium pure tobacco with natural flavor. This box pressed treat will last more than twice as long as the factory made Jave the other guy's make.

MFT Dragon
The Dragon is a very complex flavored, yet medium-mild cigar with hints of buttered toast, almonds, and sage. Since we introduced it the Dragon has become a best seller.