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Hookah and Handmade Organic Shisha
Margolis Fine Tobacco takes pride all of our tobacco products. When it comes to our Hookah tobacco (Shisha) we work hard to make sure you'll enjoy our selection. All of our Caveman brand Shish begins with a blend of various 100% organic tobaccos. We handcut the leaf to the proper consistency and the leaf is then washed to control the nicotine content. After washing we add organic local honey and molasses to the leaf  and mix it thoroughly, afterwards it's baked allowing for the honey and molasses to caramelize and infuse into the fine cut leaf. The tobacco is allowed to cool, after which we add all natural ingredients creating what we believe is the best Shisha available anywhere. 
We carry a full line of personal hookahs (single, double, and quad styles) Shisha tobacco, hookah hoses, burners, coals, hose tips, replacement parts and more!

Your welcome to use one of our hookahs or bring your own and enjoy smoking in our beautiful Mid-Century Las Vegas inspired Lounge.
Our Shisha tobacco choices include: Mojito, Coffee Rum, Apple Pie, Peach, Creme Brulee, Strawberry Cheesecake, Black Licorice, Long Bottom, Verri Berry, Tropical Blend, Cherry Pie, Maple Bacon, Dreamsicle, Mixed Berry, Mint, Orange Mint, Bubble Gum, Apple, and Grapefruit. We are adding to our selections regularly.